Karlijn van Lierop

Karlijn van Lierop

Head of Responsible Investment

About this Speaker

Karlijn van Lierop, Director of Responsible Investment and Governance at MN. Karlijn heading the ESG team and member of the management team of Fiduciary Advise at MN.

MN is the third largest pension administrators and asset manager in the Netherlands and manages assets worth more than EUR 15o billion for a wide variety of pension funds in the Netherlands. MN and it clients are strongly committed on working on Responsible Investment.

In this role, Karlijn is responsible for the integration of social, environmental and governance issues in MN’s investment decision-making across all asset classes, including the integration of a comprehensive climate change mitigation agenda, and advising clients on their responsible investment strategies. Under Karlijn’s directorship, MN has developed a strong climate strategy including a climate engagement program, a process to mitigate climate-related risks in portfolio construction to secure investment returns in the long run, and a thematic impact investment program that aims to accelerate the energy transition through investments in renewable energy and circular economy.

Karlijn is member of the board of the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change (IIGCC).